Player Registrations Season 2017/18

Sun 25 Jun 2017

We have details our forthcoming Registration evenings

This season will see the Registrations being completed online via the FA Whole Game System by Clubs to go on the all Leagues.

We will use our Annual Membership Form (Double-sided form) which will need Filling in and including a Parents Email Address, which is need as part of the Process, the Leagues (Colts/Mini) emails via Whole Game System to the Parent, so the Parent can confirm the Players details are correct.

Also to save time and a few trees, we have added the agreement of FA Respect and Codes of Conducts to the Consent of Parent/Legal Carer and Player on the Annual Membership form

This is a New venture for Camb's FA and all Clubs. So please be patient during the Registration process.

These evening have been scheduled for

Date: Tuesday 18th July and Wednesday 19th July 2017

Venue: Paradise Sports Centre, Upstairs Meeting Area

Time: 18:30 -20:30 hrs for both evenings


Mini League 5v5 U8 - Minimum 7 Players & Maximum 12 players ~

Mini League 7v7 U9/U10 Minimum 9 Players & Maximum 14 Players ~ 

Mini League 9v9 U11 Minimum 11players & Maximum 18 Players ~

Colts League 9v9 U12/U13 Minimum 11 players & Maximum 18 Players *

Colts League 11v11 U13/U14/U15/U16/U17 Minimum 13 & Maximum 20 players**


(~Mini League Rules: All Mini League Teams, All Players should be allowed to attend a Match and Play the Minimum of 15 Minutes of the Match.)


(*Colts League Rules: 9v9 Teams with over 14 players registered are allowed to register 18 players, however you are only allowed to take 14 players to a Match)


(**Colts League Rules: 11v11 teams with over 16 players registered are allowed to registers 20 players, however you are only allowed to take 16 Players to a Match)


We will let you know the Cost of the Registration Fee after the Annual General Meeting on 13th July.


Player Registrations Season 2017/18